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Roofing Newsletter – March 7 2016

Happy spring and goodbye winter!

The only thing that is constant here in Canada, is the change of seasons and the extreme weather swings. These temperature fluctuations are very hard on roofs and can cause accelerated wear and tear.

Notice in this picture of a regular residential roof, that the asphalt shingles are cracking and becoming brittle. We completed this roof last year when our client noticed the wear and got us to change it. The best time of course to do the work is before you actually have leaking down into the house. Many people are not trained on how to spot this. Another cause of pre-mature roofing deterioration is when trees and vegetation go over the roof and cause mold and debris to build up on the roof. We always recommend that people trim back trees to let the sun and the breeze come through to help reduce this problem. Also, eavestroughs should be kept clean or have a cover installed over the top to prevent water from backing up onto the eaves of the roof and causing sheathing to rot.

One thing is for sure. When it is time to change the roof, you want it done right. Notice in the pictures how we removed the old shingles right down to the roof sheathing. Any rot that was encountered was replaced before continuing on. On most roofs today we install 6’ of a premium ice and water shield up the eaves. From that point up to the peak we install a secondary layer of synthetic tar paper for protection. After that we install the new shingles over top. We make sure there is proper ventilation by mostly installing chimney vents and proper vents with dampers for any fan units as required and flashing any chimneys as well. On top of all this there is nothing like the peace of mind of having the job done properly by a certified contractor with years of experience to back them up.

So let’s hope spring is here to stay. May it be warm and enjoyable!

Jacob Huyer

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