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We supply and install 25yr -40yr shingles in your colour choice or a steel roof if you are looking for a more permanent look with minimal maintenance. Save your roof! If the roof shingles are replaced in time, there considerably less or no damaged to the base underneath. When your shingles are starting to curl up and patches of stone dust on the shingles are missing, its time to redo it.

Shingle Roof

Notice the cracked and deteriorated shingles. It’s always better to remove the existing shingles down to the roof deck . It is always best to provide a secondary protection with a combination of 2 rows of ice and water shield at the eave (minimum) and a synthetic tar paper on the rest of the roof up to the peak. Here is a picture of a completed laminate shingle installation complete with louvered chimney vents to provide adequate ventilation.

Corrugated Steel Roof

These pictures show the installation of a corrugated colored steel roof on an existing bungalow. As with the shingle roof, we first removed all the existing shingles down to the roof deck where rot was encountered, we replaced the damaged wood with new. Previously the roof was vented by mushroom vents . Whenever we do a steel roof install we cut out a ventilation slot near the peak which is the best way of venting a steel roof. After that we installed an ice and water shield over the whole roof to provide a very good secondary protection. There are different steel roofs you can install. This one is comprised of full sheets of steel that run from the bottom right up to the peak. Notice there is a vented ridge cap as well running the full length of the roof. Also, special detail is paid attention to at plumbing vents where they exit through the roof.

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