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Seamless Eavestrough Newsletter – April 7th 2016

My, we have had a cold start to the spring!

Regardless though, spring is here and things are going to warm up. Now is the time that you notice the drips and the splashing up against the side of your house.  In some instances the rain is not even getting into the gutters. In other instances the eavestrough is totally worn out and has run its lifespan (normally an eavestrough system should last approximately 25 years). When this happens, leaks begin to occur at the corners and sometimes over the top. When leaking occurs at the top lip of the gutter, it either means your eavestrough has been bent and damaged due to a combination of icing problems mixed in with debris and or sliding snow and ice issues that have damaged your trough. When an eavestrough is damaged or deformed and sloping down at the front lip, it causes water to spill over at that point. In this case it is time for a replacement. Other times it’s a matter of water tracing around the shingles following the fascia and getting in behind the eavestrough and getting in between. This is very common on many existing installations. A proper installation will include taking care of sealing the back of the trough itself with thermoplastic sealant so any tracing of water flows into the trough instead of dripping down to the bottom and splashing up against your house causing potential water damage (see above pictures).

More Huyvan tips to follow and Happy Spring!


Jacob Huyer

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