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Ottawa Seamless Eavestrough & DownpipeSeamless Eavestrough

Installing heavy gauge seamless eavestrough is one of the best ways you can protect your home from water damage. A simple rain can result in very damaging situations such as, wood rot, landscape damage or even more importantly excessive wear on your foundation which can eventually leads to basement flooding.   Every home should have a functioning eaves trough system in place.

Huyvan Home Improvement specializes in making custom heavy gauge 5” seamless eavestrough right on site to fit your specific home needs.  Before any installation we make sure that your siding, soffit and fascia are in good shape and that they can handle the new eavestrough. However, if anything does need to be fixed, our licensed carpenters can fix it right on the spot, whether it’s a wood or aluminum.

The benefit of having a seamless eavestrough is that there will be no unnecessary joints that can lead to leaks over the years.  Our installation also includes non-corrosive fasteners and premium thermoplastic sealant to give it that extra durability and strength.

With every eavestrough you must have downpipes. Downpipes are a great way to manage your rain water collection.  Some like to collect it in rain-barrels so they can water their gardens, others like it to flow naturally on to their grass. Either way is perfectly fine, as long as it’s away from your home.  Huyvan Home Improvement provides various heavy duty downpipe sizes in order to accommodate each individual home, as well as a multitude of colors so they can blend in and aesthetically compliment your home.

Huyvan Home Improvement is a family owned and operated business which believes in good quality and great service. We service the Ottawa region including the surrounding areas such as Manotick, Metcalf, Chesterville, Winchester, Greely etc.  We guarantee our eavestrough as well as our workmanship because we believe “We bring good things to your home .

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